Directions to the lab

Directions to the Wang Lab from Parnassus Avenue


  1. Enter 513 Parnassus (Medical Sciences building) and take elevators to third floor.
  2. Exit elevators and turn left down the hall going towards the double doors at the end of the hall.
  3. After passing through the double doors, you will be in the Health Sciences building. Take the first right and walk partway down the hall.
  4. The Health Sciences elevators will be on your left (occasionally, the blue double doors leading to the elevators will be closed but unlocked). Take any elevator to the 16th floor. Please note that the elevators in the Medical Sciences building (where you entered from the street) do not go to the 16th floor.
  5. After exiting the elevators take a left and enter the Heath Sciences West (HSW) building, enter the door to the lobby (HSW 1601).
  6. The conference room, HSW 1606, is in the back of the lobby area, behind the reception desk.

    If you have any problems, the lab's numbers are 476-6820 and 476-8589.
  7. The Lab is located at HSW 1652. From the front door walk past the reception desk and through the doorway directly in front of you. The lab is down this hallway.